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Who are Blue Dragon Bridging Loans

26 years experience within the Bridging Loan sector

Blue Dragon Bridging Loans is a division of the Blue Dragon Finance Group and specialises in commercial and residential bridging loans.

Blue Dragon Bridging Finance have been involved within the finance industry for over 26 years and have built up a reputation of professionalism and a 'can do' approach. We will try and find a solution for every client irrespective of their background and credit rating.

We use a panel of different bridging lenders to provide our clients with some comparative figures for their own personal requirements. Bridging Loans can be used for purchasing a property conventionally or at auction,Buy To Let opportunities, land purchases, developing and refurbishing a property or even business funding and payment of tax and VAT.

Blue Dragon Bridging Loans is a specialist department dedicated to handling all bridging enquiries and can help provide short term bridge funding for a wide range of transactions. We will help you throughout the process and are available on both commercial and residential properties across the UK including, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Bridging Loans can be Non-Status with no credit checks or affordability checks.

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