3rd Charging Bridging Loans are now available.....

We have access to lenders who are now looking to provide bridging loans on a 3rd Charge basis. This is very new to the market and is available to anyone who can show a strong exit strategy and have good residential security to provide.

The lenders are privately funded who can be very flexible and are always transparent. We liaise with the decision makers and they can offer very fast turnarounds.

This facility can be used to help release from insolvencies, refurbishment deals, assist with any HMRC tax problems and any other business uses.

The criteria for these types of loans are:

  • Loan size £100k - £1m
  • Term up to 12 months.
  • Loan To Value of 75%

To find out more information please complete our loan enquiry form to see how we can help.

About the Author

Andrew Eagle has worked in the Finance Industry for over 26 years, currently specialising in bridging loans. He regularly contributes to blogs on bridging finance. Find him on Google +

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